The Top Trends in Website Design for 2021

2021 has thrown some unexpected curveballs in many industries, and the world of website design is no exception. The shift towards remote work and online businesses has increased the need for visually appealing and user-friendly websites. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top trends in website design for 2021.

1. Dark Mode

Dark mode has been around for a while, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular feature for websites. This mode is usually associated with mobile apps, but it’s now being incorporated into desktop websites. Dark mode uses a dark color palette, which can reduce eye strain and improve the user experience. This trend is also ideal for businesses who want to create a sleek and modern aesthetic appeal.

2. Minimalism

Over time, website designs have become more simplified, and it’s a trend that’s expected to continue. Website visitors appreciate clean designs that increase ease of navigation and access to information. Minimalism is all about removing excess design elements and focusing on the essentials, allowing businesses to convey their message effectively.

3. Use of Gradients

Gradients typically involve color transitioning from one hue to another, usually in a linear or radial pattern. Gradients are an excellent way to add a bit of flair to a website without being overwhelming. They can create a sense of movement and blend harmoniously among different elements. Websites can utilize gradients in the background, buttons, headers, and shadows.

4. Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations are a great way for brands to express their unique personality and stand out in a sea of websites. Custom illustrations help to convey messages effectively and evoke emotional connections between brand and user. This form of website design allows businesses to tell a story in a more visually appealing way.

5. Video/Animation Backgrounds

Video and animation backgrounds can help with capturing users’ attention on the website. When implemented effectively, video and animations can make a website more engaging and memorable. They are also a great way to showcase products or services in action.

6. Voice User Interface

Voice-based user interfaces are becoming increasingly popular, with virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. In 2021, Voice UI will be a perfect way to boost usability as visitors can quickly get the information they need using their voices. Additionally, Voice UIs are ideal for accessibility as they make it more convenient to interact with a website for users with physical or visual impairments.


These six website design trends are only a few of many to look out for in 2021. As consumers become more accustomed to user-friendly and visually appealing websites, businesses need to embrace these trends to remain relevant. While following the latest design trends isn’t the most crucial aspect of website design, creating a website that effectively communicates a brand’s message, and increases the user experience is paramount.

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